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High-speed roller door AUTO-Full

Area of application

High-speed PVC roller doors are designed for industrial buildings where high resistance to intensive use is required, as well as fast opening and closing speeds to prevent drafts and temperature fluctuations.

About the product

We offer our customers high-speed PVC roller doors produced by Giesse in Italy.

Auto-Full series doors offer the following:
Movement speed of up to 2 m/s with smooth deceleration and acceleration.
A safety curtain that detects an obstacle between the door up to a height of 2.5 m as standard option.
Controls on the door frame both inside and outside the door.
Control centre with a 230 V frequency changer.
IP65 rated Plug and Play connectors.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Additional options:

It is also possible to order a window for the door, cord switches for opening the door, remote controls, induction loops in the floor, etc.

Specifications and documents

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