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Saku Metall has almost 30 years of experience in metal processing. Today Saku Metall Group has two main production streams – metal outsourcing and door production. There are nearly 300 employees working in the Group as of 2019.

AS Saku Metall was founded in 1991. Over the years the company has grow rapidly in the above mentioned field of businesses. To increase efficiency and customer satisfaction, Saku Metall production was divided into two legal entities in 2012 – AS Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas and AS Saku Metall Uksetehas.

AS Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas is focused on outsourcing projects for international customers. 95% of our production is being exported.

We are specialized in up to 8mm sheet metal cold-rolled, galvanized (electro, hot dipped), stainless steel and aluminum processing. The company is processing over 250-300 tons of different metals on a monthly basis.

Our main services include cutting (punching, laser), bending, welding (TIG, MIG/MAG), finishing (powder painting) and assembling. We have modern technologies to manufacture and treat products with the highest complexity in a short lead time.

Our personal approach have allowed us to become an important part of our customers’ daily businesses. Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas’ products are produced and assembled according to their drawings with a help from our R&D department. We are manufacturing to the readiness level which enables our customers to efficiently use, assemble and deliver them without any additional treatment.

Saku Metall Allhanketehas production facility and office is located near Estonian capital Tallinn, in Põrguvälja Road, Rae Parish, Karjavere.