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A new EI120 fire resistant door has been added to Saku Metall Uksetehas product list

Fire doors are designed to increase safety in case of a fire. Along with the changes in fire safety requirements, fire doors and their requirements are constantly being refined.

At the beginning of 2018, the Saku Metall Uksetehas AS (Saku Metall Door Factory) came to the market with EI₂120 products. The EI-mark on the certificate determines the duration of the flame and temperature insulation of the door in minutes, thus EI 120 means that the door is guaranteed to be fire resistant for 120 minutes. The door is used as an interior door or an external door between fire partitions in industrial buildings, residential buildings and office buildings, where the door fire resistance class must be EI₂120.

The fire doors have been tested and have the appropriate certificates.
The fire resistance of the door has been tested in the TÜV Eesti OÜ Tallinn Test Laboratory and certified by Inspecta Estonia OÜ in accordance with EN 16034: 2014 certificate ET-0210-18 fire resistance class EI₂120.
Another important factor is the doors smoke resistance Sa/S200 (Sm in Sweden). The Inspecta test standard EN 1634-3 says that fire doors must also be smoke proof, and in many buildings smoke proof doors should be strictly mandatory, such as health facilities, homes for retirement, prisons, etc.
Inspecta Estonia OÜ accredited testing laboratory can also carry out door smoke resistance tests according to EN 1634-3. Based on the test results, the doors can be classified as follows: Sa– ambient temperature and S200 – at 200 °C.

There are four different doors for the EI₂120 fire resistance class at the Saku Metall Door Factory: single and double leaf interior doors, single and double leaf exterior doors.

The door leaf has a thickness of 100 mm. Mast edges are located on the sides and top of the door. The outer and inner sides are made of 1,0 mm thick hot-dipped sheet steel, which are interconnected with rivets. The insulation is fire resistant rock wool and gypsum. The standard colors of the doors are RAL7001 (silver gray), RAL7024 (graphite gray), RAL8014 (sepia brown), RAL9006 (white aluminum) and RAL9010 (pure white), but as an additional option, the doors can be painted in the colors of the entire RAL color card.
We only install Abloy and Assa certified fire locks for EI120 fire doors.

Keep in mind that when the door is used movable parts might get worn out. Therefore, we recommend checking and maintaining the door at least every six months. The doors closure and locking elements should be checked.

Saku Metall Door Factory offers the following fire doors:

The new EI120 metal door is intoduced at the Nordbygg 2018 fair on 10-13th of April 2018 in stand C18:29.