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RAL 9010 RAL 8014

Sectional door STANDARD

SRE701 standard

  • Price starting from (with VAT), installation is not included: 620,00 €

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Measurements Manually opened Operating mechanism Aperto A550L  Garage door with an operating mechanism
2500 x 2220 mm 620 € 235 € 855 €
3000 x 2220 mm 648 € 235 € 883 €

* Prices include VAT.

General Information

The garage door is meant for private houses or apartment buildings. Door construction needs little space and seals on the side will ensure the door to be weatherproof and minimize heat loss. Sections are designed with finger protection so that it is impossible to put fingers between the panels.

• Buy a garage door with the Sommer Aperto A550L automation system and you will get 1 remote for free.
• The garage doors can be purchased with or without the automation system.
• If a customer wants two or more remotes – the campaign price for an additional remote is €31 per remote (with VAT).
• The campaign offer does not include installation, transport, measuring, and door accessories. Transport can be agreed upon when ordering a batch.
• The distributors may not offer doors at a higher price than the campaign price.

Measurements (width x height mm)

  1. 2,500 × 2,220 mm
  2. 3,000 × 2,220 mm

Construction aperture: width (B) 2500 mm; height (H) 2220 mm
Lintel height (h): >350
Dimensions of light aperture = dimensions of construction aperture
Thickness of door sheet: 40 mm
Free lateral space (PL*): >100 mm


To order the garage door, please download the Sectional door opening measuring form (.PDF file) HERE> 
Fill it and send it to 
We will contact you as soon as possible.

Door Leaf

The door leaf is assembled from 40 mm thick insulated sections. For insulation dense freon free polyurethane foam is used. The foam is packed between sheets of Stucco embossed galvanized steel. Steel sections are coated with weatherproof polyester colour. Standard tones are inside white RAL9010 and outside white RAL9010, brown RAL8014. Thermal transmittance of the door sections is U≥0,9 W/(m²·K).


Saku Metall Uksetehas offers garage doors of two different sizes, all of which optimally fit with the Sommer APERTO 550L automation system. Aperto automatics is ultra-quiet and safe thanks to the Dynamic Power System (DPS) and Safety Lock System (SLS), and it works at a speed of up to 0.16 m/s (50% faster than the competitors’ automation systems in the same price range).
APERTO A550L includes – automation system with a busbar (2,600 mm) and a two-digit remote control.
• The automation system ensures a convenient getting-home for you. No matter whether it is raining, cold, or stormy – just press the button on the remote and the garage door will open quickly, quietly, and safely.
• You do not have to worry about children playing or animals running nearby thanks to the safe operating mechanism. Aperto senses obstacles upon closing and stops in less than 0.5 seconds.
• In a power failure, it is possible to open and close the door mechanically with a control lever.
• The controller operates at a frequency of 868 MHz RC.


The garage door is manufactured according to harmonized standard EN 13241:2003+A2:2016.

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