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Saku Metall Uksetehas AS is the first manufacturer of metal doors in Estonia whose products have an international environmental product declaration (EPD)

The EPD is based on a life cycle assessment of the product, which takes into account all the environmental impacts of production, from the extraction of minerals to the recycling of the product dismantled at the end of its life.

We compiled the EPD and the underlying life cycle study on our own, in-house. That sets us apart from many other companies that have outsourced this work. As a result, we had a better overview of the product’s environmental impacts and production life cycle, and the biggest changes which could be made in the design phase. Therefore, it is important to know which stages have the greatest environmental impact and what we can do to reduce the impact.

It is certain that the environmental requirements will only tighten over time, and sustainable operations are at least as important to us as staying competitive.

The EPD can be found here: https://www.environdec.com/library/epd4373