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Night Train FMS® Has Proven To Be The Right Investment for Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas

Night Train FMS®, the irreplaceable piece of equipment at Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas that eliminates the need for factory staff to manually handle sheet metal in the first stages of production before welding, painting and assembly.

The Night Train offers great flexibility and shorter material exchange time due to parallel working. While one sheet is being worked on, the next sheet has already been selected and is waiting in the queue. It also helps us to easily store stainless steel and aluminum separately from carbon.

At Allhanke Tehas, Prima Power’s double-sided automatic sheet metal warehouse is 50 meters long, has 330 slots for storage and is connected to 2 cutting and 1 bending machine. We can also increase the number of slots and connected machines.

The storage selects raw material based on configured programs and takes the products and skeletons back to the storage after cutting. The preselected parts are sent from the storage to the automatic bending machine.

By having the Night Train in our machine park, our customers can enjoy shorter lead times and efficient manufacturing.

The Night Train has proven to be the right investment as the importance of production automatization is growing from year to year.