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Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas has appointed new CEO, Gerth Kivima


Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas has appointed Gerth Kivima as the new CEO. Gerth kindly shared his thoughts on the future plan for the company, the outlook for the sheet metal fabrication and subcontracting industry as well as his background in the manufacturing industry.


Tell us about your background and previous experience?

I have been related with mechanics production last 16 years. I started as a CAD/CAM engineer and grew through the work in the development department to the position of development manager in a subcontracting factory. In addition to that, I have worked partially at Tallinn Technical University for six years. It helped me to combine theoretical knowledge with real practice. Before joining the team of Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas second time I worked for three and a half years as a production manager in a subcontracting factory that was a part of an international group. It did give me an eye-opening experience regarding the development and execution of different processes in such a company. Besides, it did teach me to see the different angles of LEAN principles and about the structured command chain.


You have worked at Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas before, why did you decide to come back and accept the offer for the position of CEO?

I decided to come back because the work experience I got while working as a development manager was very interesting. I enjoyed seeing the growth and the development of the company at that time. I felt my professional approach did align with the principles and the expectation of the company. Secondly becoming a CEO is a challenge I have looked for for a long time. Therefore, I am very thankful for getting this opportunity.


What are your plans for the future of the company?

Our target is to be a reliable subcontracting partner to our customers through the competitive price, on-time delivery, and the fulfillment of quality requirements. Our goal is constant growth. Internally we need to focus more on process improvements because of the highly competitive market. One of our goals is also the increase of provided processes for cost-competitive purposes to our customers. It means moving more from fabrication towards integration.


What is your outlook for the sheet metal fabrication and subcontracting industry?

I believe sheet metal fabrication is the field that remains. The metal materials we use are recyclable. Besides, many companies keep sheet metal fabrication as one important process in the plant. Secondly, all the providers of sheet metal processing machinery are generating new solutions suitable for high-mix low-volume production. In addition, I believe the need for subcontracting is trending. Finding a suitable product or adjustment of the production according to market demand are the key aspects to pay attention to.


We have several open positions, why would you encourage people to join Saku Metall Allhanke Tehas?

We have a number of young and ambitious people working in our company. It has helped to turn our work environment more forward-looking and open to new ideas. It is a place where a person can apply the knowledge learned or experience gained in practice. Additionally, the fight against Covid has increased the flexibility of the factory┬┤s working conditions.